The NINES project aims to make Shetland’s energy generation and supply secure, reliable and affordable thus benefitting the entire Shetland community. Therefore it is very important to know what customers think about the new technologies. We are trialling new smart space and water heating technologies in 234 homes in Shetland and we will regularly review what customers think about the new installations. Receiving customer feedback helps us to ensure that any new products are appropriate and easy to use for everyone. 

We have already received some feedback from householders involved in a pilot project to trial the smart heating systems, as detailed below:

Household A:

“I think I’m pretty lucky because I’ve got a new heating system which I’m very happy with. Certainly the heater has been a benefit and it’s a better heater, you’re getting more convection out the bottom. The whole thing is better.”

Household B:

This household found the heaters much more controllable:

“It’s a very manageable system, there are more options for times for heating the house and it’s just very user friendly.”

 Mr C:

The household normally pay their energy bills by monthly direct debit for a fixed amount, but have not had to increase this since the start of the trial:

 “We were due to get a 12% increase in our normal bill, our standard tariff, but even with that going in we haven’t had to increase our monthly payments, well, that was going back to last September, so since then we’ve really noticed – I mean during the summer months we don’t use it much anyway.  So we got about £250 over payment that we’d made by the end of the summer and from September we pegged back the payment to what it was before and we haven’t had any overspend or underspend since then so it’s definitely made a difference.”