Shetland’s community is very important to the NINES project. Everything we are trialling aims to deliver a comfortable lifestyle for the local community in the short and long term via reliable electricity supply and use of smart energy technologies. To achieve the key NINES objective of providing affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity for Shetland, active customer involvement is essential to understand the issues that islanders face with regards to energy supply.

Our trials

One of the key components of the smart grid development in Shetland is the installation of new smart space and water heating in up to 734 homes, active network management, the connection of more renewable energy generation, and the expansion of Lerwick District Heating Scheme that will allow supply to additional homes and businesses.


Customer feedback

One of the key aims of the trials is to learn about customer reactions to the new technologies and how householders use them. We welcome any feedback from customers already participating in the trials and anyone who is interested in the project. You can check our customer feedback here


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You can sign up to receive the latest project updates to know more about the progress of our trials. We are currently trialling advanced space and water heating devices that can decrease energy consumption and thus carbon dioxide emissions. If you are interested to know more please click here.

Customer Protection and Privacy

Customer Privacy and Protection is very important to us. We have a Customer Data Protection Plan in place to ensure customers have the best experience while participating in the trials.