Connection of renewable generation sources will help to reduce the amount of electricity generated by fossil fuels, and Shetland has some of the richest renewable energy resources in Europe. There is significant interest on the islands to connect a range of new renewable generators, primarily wind generators ranging from 10kW up to 7MW and marine renewables.

At present, this new generation cannot be connected to the electricity network due to the underlying voltage and stability limitations of the current system. Also, the intermittent nature of renewable generation means it is more likely to affect system stability.

The solutions we are trialling will facilitate connection of new renewable generation. By integrating the Active Network Management system, NINES envisages the development of a three-turbine wind farm and further connection of other small and medium scale wind farm developments.  

Interested parties can already express interest in connecting their microgeneration via our “Managed Connections” process. If you would like to enquire about connection of small and medium-scale generation, please download the Shetland Managed Generation Application Form and send it to