The NINES Project envisages up to 5.5MW (42MWh) of Domestic Demand Side Management (DDSM) in the form of new energy storage heaters and immersion water cylinders in up to 734 homes, as well as a 4MW electrical boiler for Non-domestic Demand Side Management that will be linked to a thermal store capable of storing around 130MWh of hot water.  This will be used to supply the existing district heating scheme managed by Shetland Heat Energy and Power (SHEAP).

We are working in cooperation with Hjaltland Housing Association to develop and install the domestic devices.

The control arrangement for the advanced heaters and water cylinders will be determined based upon the predicted demand, weather forecasts, availability of renewables and any other network challenges. The 4MW electrical boiler will also be remotely managed using a bespoke communications system.

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If you already participate in the trials click below to download guides on how to operate the technology: