Active Network Management (ANM) involves establishing a communication network with different technologies connected to the grid and using specifically developed software that will be able to ‘communicate with’ and ‘control’ these technologies.

Shetland’s ANM system will connect and control the following technologies on the islands:

  • A large scale battery energy storage system at Lerwick Power Station, which will be installed with special capability to enable communication and control of the battery.
  • Advanced energy storage and water heaters in domestic homes that offers flexibility in the network.
  • A thermal store and associated extension to the current district heating scheme.
  • Small/Large wind turbines will have communications systems installed to enable issue of control signals and receive status feedback
  • The system will also take into account weather forecasting information to manage renewable energy generation

Smarter Grid Solutions is the provider of Shetland’s ANM system.

In addition, University of Strathclyde will provide network modelling and analysis to develop rules for operation of the ANM system, including all network points to be measured, device grouping, operational limits, response times, etc. To find out more click here

A key driver for the trial will be to understand how these innovative elements work and interact in a real-life environment.