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Active Network Management (ANM) is an essential component of the smart grid and is therefore one of the integral solutions in our project. ANM creates an intelligent energy infrastructure providing automated control of various components of the energy network and provides the information needed to ensure that all the new technology is controlled in an optimal manner.

The Active Network Management Use Cases (on the right) have been created to describe ANM and how it is used in Shetland, or click on one of the options below to find out more.


What is Active Network Management (ANM)?

Active Network Management (ANM) connects separate components of a smart grid such as smaller energy generators, renewable generation and storage devices, by implementing data capture, analysis, automation and control capabilities of these devices. This…


Key components controlled by Active Network Management

  • Large scale battery energy storage system
  • Advanced energy storage and water heaters
  • 4MW thermal store and associated extension to the current district heating scheme
  • Sources of generation connected to the network, renewable or otherwise


Benefits of Active Network Management

Active Network Management is core to the creation of a smart grid. It will facilitate connection of renewable generation, full and efficient use of energy storage and will allow energy supply, generation and demand balancing.


Objectives of Active Network Management

The key objectives that Shetland’s Active Network Management trials should achieve are:

  • Make energy supply low carbon by allowing the maximum possible amount of renewable generation to be connected thus reducing the amount of fossil fuel consumption