NINES is expected to significantly benefit the entire Shetland’s community, by helping to ensure the inhabitants have a reliable and affordable electricity supply. By trialling innovative energy solutions, Shetland’s community will benefit from:

  • Secure and reliable supply – meaning less flickering lights or sudden outages
  • More comfortable and controllable heating via use of “smart” space & water heaters
  • A cleaner environment due to wider use of renewable technologies
  • Lowest possible electricity costs in the future

NINES plays an important role in ensuring secure energy supplies for generations to come in the most efficient and least costly way. The lessons learned here will also be used to inform wider national and international projects to help in the transition to a low carbon future. The role of “smart grids” in achieving this has been recognised by Government, for example in the 2010 Low Carbon Transition Plan and 2011 Carbon Plan.

NINES is also introducting an advanced style of storage heating to provide improved comfort, and value for money, and you can read some initial Customer Feedback on the new products we have trialled so far.

More can be read about the innovative technologies being used in our smart grid on our “trials” pages.