NINES will deploy new electrical, electronic, communication and computing technologies to manage energy in a smarter way. Our project will learn from these trials to ensure that the knowledge gained will be used to support Shetland’s sustainable future.

“Our Approach” diagram summarises the key activities of the project – the “Four I’s”:  to Improve, Innovate, Integrate and Inform.

You can click on each key activity on the diagram to find out more:

NINES: Improve, Innovate, Inform, Integrate

Integrate: smart grid creation, active network management, district heating system extension, demand management implementation Inform: publication of reports and progress updates, knowledge sharing with industry and community, organisation of seminars, web portal Innovate: renewable energy connection, renewable generation, smarter electricity management, demand side management, energy storage Improve: system optimisation, economic and commercial modelling, strategic adn operation risk modellling, demand and supply simulation